About Conference

Since 1982 Mechanical Engineering Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences jointly with some other organizations periodically holds conferences under the name “Tribology (before Tribotekhnik) for Mechanical Engineering”.

Purposes of the conference include discussion of current theoretical and applied problems of friction, wear and lubricant, generalization of the latest results of advanced calculation and experimental researches  in relation to work of various branches of mechanical engineering (transport, machine-tool construction, space, oil and gas, etc.), the analysis of researches in the field of a nanotribology, in the field of development of new highly effective methods of a tribodiagnostiks and a tribomonitoring and also in the field of creation new highly effective antifrictional, wear-resistant materials and lubricants.

Experts from the leading manufacturing enterprises, the organisations occupied with the sphere of science and education take part in work of a Conference.

In the section archive it is possible to get acquainted with the materials of previous conferences.